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Time Vs. Toys

I know as parents that most of us want to provide a life for our children that is easier, or more materially productive than we had in our childhoods. There is nothing wrong with this logic, whatsoever. However, I do think there needs to a perfect balance of time spent with your children, as well.

I grew up in a household as an only child. Both of my parents worked good full time jobs, and they tried to provide me with a comfortable lifestyle. I was not spoiled by any degree, but I had enough. My mother grew up poor, and she liked to give me things to make me happy. It did, but to a certain degree.

I enjoyed playing with my toys, but it was ten times more enjoyable when a parent played with the toys with me. The laughing, bonding, play arguing, and just overall quality time were the most memorable moments. It didn’t matter what the toy, game, or activity was, it was just about the right use of time with the right people that created the best memory.

You can replace a toy, buy a new game, get another pair of shoes, etc., but you cannot get time back. You cannot go back to age 5 with your kids and do it again. Do not try to replace time with material things. Create memories and live life’s journey with your child. Before you know it, they will be adults living their own lives making unguarded decisions.

As parents, show your love and give your child(ren) your valuable time. Teach them wisely and give them knowledge you wish you had at their ages. They will definitely benefit from it, and appreciate you more for it in the long run.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying not to buy your children anything. If you can afford it, do what you want, but establish balance. Don’t let it be buy, buy, buy, but no time, time, time. Remember, you do not have to spend money to spend time with your child(ren). This action can be completely free. Get creative if you get bored!

So, I want to encourage parents to spend more time with your children when you can. Love them, encourage them, and help create loving, confident, and awesome children. These children will become adults, and hopefully lead the world into a more positive direction.



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My Vegan Transition

I have been vegan for about 3 months now. It was the documentary “What the Health” on Netflix that pushed me over the edge. I was always looking for the “best” diet. The one that made my body feel good and behave properly. I was to the point that if I ate a cookie, I was five pounds heavier by the next day (at least it felt like it)!

I started on the keto diet. It worked fine for me, but I was still not feeling to my full potential.

So, after I watched the documentary with my family, we all agreed to go vegan. We were so excited to take this journey. I wanted to see if being vegan was as beneficial as I had heard. My transition from meat to meatless was not easy. I also had a major cheese addiction.

I was excited to find the many cheese and meat substitutes available. I tried so many, and will blog about the ones that I like best later, but they were helpful in making the change. These substitutes are not equal to each other by any means; therefore, a journey of trial and error commenced. They are also not cheap! Vegan is only cheaper when you are sticking to a whole foods diet while minimizing processed foods.

As my body went through the meat and cheese detox, I was experiencing all sorts of symptoms like: bloating, gas, headaches, constant poops, and some fatigue. This happened for about 2- 3 weeks. I was about to walk away from the entire process!

Then, I started to notice my energy levels rising, I had some weight loss, my anxiety had lessened, and I was just feeling better overall. I was definitely onto something. I started getting deeper into veganism, and went straight to YouTube for ideas and inspiration.

It was YouTube that gave me the gems I needed to conquer the issues I was having with variety. It seemed like I was not getting enough of a variance in my diet with my fruits and vegetables. I was stuck on meat and cheese substitutes with a little veggies on the side. It was not cutting it.

I ended up trying the Naturelo whole food vitamin for women. I also got the Naturelo raw greens powder . This has helped me to incorporate more nutrients into my diet. I also have been using the Unicity Complete Vegan Meal Replacement. I use the raw greens powder and vegan meal replacement interchangeably, but I use neither everyday. These items aid me in my nutritious goals, but I was not done.

I went to YouTube to find more information about making this diet transition. The first YouTuber I found was Rose on the channel Cheap Lazy Vegan. It was her that taught me about tofu, stir frys, and other ways to incorporate a plethora of veggies into my dishes. She also introduced me to kimchi.

I was loving eating my stir frys, bimbimbap, and other Asian dishes that complimented my new friend kimchi. She led me on a path of more variety for sure…thank you kindly for that sweet Rose.

I am currently starting to check out other channels for ideas to expand my vegan menu. It’s so much information out there in regard to vegan eating. I am learning so much. So, when making the transition to veganism, research and knowledge is key.

I use the Nutri Bullet 900 to make fruit and veggie smoothies, and other nutritious blends. They help so much in attaining the proper nutrients.

I make sure to take a B-12 supplement on the regular, as well. I also sprinkle nutritional yeast on some of my food choices for a kick of B-12 and a hint of cheesy like flavor. As of now, I am content with my diet. I still miss the creaminess of ice cream ( seems like dairy-free is not as creamy), but new inventions are coming out all the time. So, hopefully I can get a good bowl of vegan ice cream soon.

Raw veganism is becoming a thing now, and I have looked into it, but I have to do one thing at a time. I am not ready to go fully raw just yet. I am still getting used to regular veganism; but you never know, I might give it a try later on down the line, guys. I will definitely blog about when I do!!

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Is Ralph Smart Authentic?

Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters…Diving Deep) has been in my YouTube rotation for the past few weeks now. He has a pretty loyal following, and I was curious about what made him so popular. He shares his viewpoints on spiritual guidance, and provides various techniques on how to achieve self- worth, self- love, and just overall self and spiritual awareness.

I appreciate his efforts in spreading messages of positivity and love. I have ran across other blogs that question his authenticity, which was quite confusing to me. In my opinion, it does not matter if he is “authentic” in his message or not. His realness is quite irrelevant. The important thing is his ability to raise vibrations.

He helps people to acknowledge the power of self. He puts messages out there that are beneficial to us as a population. This man is not preaching hate or division. He is not trying to present himself as a GOD to attract followers. He is simply sharing information that many people can find useful.

If you do not find his information useful, then simply do not watch him. You have the ability to go and find other tools of information that can help you in your purpose. Me personally, I have developed a level of respect for what he is trying to do. Yes, I am sure he is making a healthy income, but what’s wrong with that?

People generate income all the time doing what they love to do. People also make money while deceiving and cheating others in the process. What Mr. Smart is doing is completely innocent in nature. So, I applaud him for his efforts and encourage him to continue spreading knowledge and positivity.

So, in the words of Ralph Smart….Peeeaaaccceee



“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself.”
– Harvey Fierstein


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