Living in the Now/ You’ve got this!

I have found myself living in the past, living in the future, but hardly living in the now. I would sit and think about past mistakes and what-ifs. Then, if I wasn’t in the past, I was living in the future thinking about what I would love for it to be like. In doing this, I was not present in what was going on my life currently. It was always, things will get better or thankful that the conditions were not worse. This type of thought process is not beneficial.

I see now that my present moment is the most valuable for it’s all you really have. The past is done and the future is not promised. I have also learned to get out of mind and more into my soul and spirit. Thoughts of the mind coming from ego can be very damaging, if not controlled. Controlling it can be difficult. So, please do not beat yourself up when you find that you are having a hard time being in control of your thoughts. I tend to just stop all thoughts to calm the mind and create peace. This helps me so much. I am able to regain control and start my thoughts over from scratch.

It is easy to get lost in your thoughts, rather good or bad. However, if you find that thoughts are causing negative emotions within you, please step away from those, and find a better place in your head to focus on. Actually, taking a deep breath, being more in tuned on your present activity, and finding the good (doesn’t matter or big or small) in the present helps me a lot. It can be something as simple as appreciating the breath going in and out of your lungs. Life itself is a beautiful gift, and being thankful for your own existence is a powerful way to show gratitude.

Living in the now and appreciating every moment can be a delightful experience. I have stopped focusing on petty and frivolous things. I am in the current process of reprogramming my perspective away from social and societal norms, and concentrating more on what serves me as an individual. This includes being more open minded and understanding that it is okay if I am not where I want to be life- just yet. It is okay if I fall. We are all in a constant cycle of living and learning. You can only live for you, and we are all different with various needs, wants, goals, and ideas. Just because someone might have a strong opinion on how you should live your life, doesn’t mean their OPINIONS are concrete. Most of the time, those are the ones that are living in a silent hell within themselves. This is not your business. You are your business. How you impact others is your business. Living up to your fullest potential is your business. NOT what others think of you. You will not be able to meet everyone’s standards and expectations. Therefore, set your own standards and expectations for yourself and stand on it with conviction.

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