Social Media Sissies

Why do people act like other people aren’t supposed to speak their opinions on social media? You must be crazy if you think everyone is going to agree. People that can’t take being disagreed with need to go hide under a shopping mall. If you don’t like what somewhat said, so the F*** what. Your disapproval does not matter. Truth be told your facts might not be someone else’s facts. We all have different perspectives and you will not understand them all. However, just because you disagree or don’t understand doesn’t mean you have the right to name call, demean, or turn into this internet thug like you can jump through the screen and execute your threats. It’s a waste of time and energy. If you don’t agree or understand, a simple scroll on by would suffice. Maybe a question or two. Or, respectfully speaking your ideology is ideal. I guess that’s too much like human behavior, so it’s out of the question. Just a quick vent…carry on.


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