Living Undocumented

I watched the Netflix documentary “Living Undocumented”, and I was deeply touched by the various stories. Living in Texas, I see and hear stories like the ones I saw in the documentary all the time. So, this leads me to ask the questions, Who purchased the Earth? Who was it purchased from, and how much did it cost? Why does anyone feel like they have the right to tell people where they can and cannot go? I feel like people should be able to freely explore this planet, as it was given to all of us. There is no way it should be this much division.

Imaginary borders created by man and the fake value of money has become literally insane. Using criminals as an excuse to put borders up is crazy to me. Criminals are everywhere, you will not be able to avoid them regardless of what you put up. You either keeping some out, or keeping the ones we got in. What really gets to me is how human beings are being treated when they are captured. Let that sink in…captured for trying to live a better life. People our fellow human sisters and brothers are having to sneak, risk dying, and other negative fates just to live. I need someone to make this make sense.

I feel like people have become selfish. All I hear is, “We need to worry about ourselves.” “What about the people in our country?” “Americans need to focus on Americans.” Like what, are you serious? A human can’t be helped because of where they happened to be born on the planet??? What if it was you? What if you were the one that needed assistance? We live in a world of infinite possibilities, and guess what? It could be you!! If something happened and we had to flee America, you would be singing a different tune. People get too comfortable and take advantage of the way things are, and the truth is, it could change at any second. So, keep that in mind before you judge and ridicule your fellow Earthly brothers and sisters. It’s quite disgusting how selfish people have gotten, and how controlling they are over something that technically doesn’t belong to them.

I keep hearing that we need borders to keep the bad people out, and to make people go through the process of becoming legal, but that goes back to my original questions in the first paragraph. How can other humans make this decision for other human beings? I think that’s giving people too much control over other people. We are all LEGAL citizens of this planet. Laws should be in place to provide protection from harm, but the laws these days go into almost all aspects of our lives.

For example, it’s illegal in some places to smoke a plant. If I choose to light up a plant for personal use to expose my lungs, how is this hurting anyone? If I choose to drive with my seat belt off then that’s my dumb ass. I don’t need a ticket for it. Making laws about this frivolous little stuff is just a waste of time and a way for the government to profit. Drinking and driving..yes I could hurt someone. So, there should be consequences. To me, most of this stuff is about compensation. Break the laws- you gotta pay in either time or money, but you are going to be paying with something. It’s just that some of the laws created are not for our best benefit.

No one on this planet should have to be confined to an area. I am tired of people trying to run other people’s lives. People that hurt others and have ill intent will meet their fate, but there are too many innocent people being hurt, mentally and emotionally scarred, or killed behind wanting better.

We have to do better as a whole. If we unified against the bullshit we could see real change. In a perfect world, we would have and show consideration for each other, be empathetic, and understand that we are all one. Regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, or whatever we are human beings first. We all have a common goal of living life. Why do some of us make it harder for others, instead of helping them achieve the best experience? Crazy right? Yeah…we gotta do better.

As Always, I appreciate my readers taking the time to read my blog of thoughts. I know your time is valuable. So, thank you for letting me have a few moments of it.

– Klai

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