Getting Rid of Unwanted Feelings

We all get in our little ruts and feel a little down sometimes. It is apart of life that we must learn how to cope with. We are not going to feel total happiness all the time, but there are ways to make yourself feel better, during those times. You can also bring yourself out of those bad vibes completely. Here are some ideas to help with those times:

  1. Treat yourself. Doing little things for yourself can make you feel a lot better. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It can actually be free, depending on what you decide. For example, Ladies you can get a mani & pedi, get a new look at the salon, or do it yourself at home! Go to the library and check out your favorite genre of book, take a nice relaxing walk and reflect on happier moments, or fantasize about moments you would like to happen. Men, you can do this stuff, too. No gender discrimination here. The goal is to make yourself the priority, and give yourself the attention and love you deserve. Do something that YOU enjoy!
  2. Do Unto Others What You Want Done to Yourself: I know the Golden Rule, right? Well, it works! I have found that being what I need in someone else’s life does wonders. If I need a hug, I give one. If I need a listening ear…I am that for someone else. When I can lend a helping hand, it makes me feel better. I feel good doing nice things for others. So, this helps to lift me out of downward moods.
  3. Socialize: This may not be for everyone, but being around the RIGHT people can help to put you in a better mood. In this case, you want people that bring the better parts out of you out. NOT DRAINERS! Some people will drag you down instead of lifting you up. Beware of that. Be cautious of how your energy and vibes shift when certain people are around. This is important.
  4. Change Your Surroundings: If I am sitting at home in my feelings, I will look around the room to see what needs to be changed. I might move a couch, or rearrange the room altogether. New decor or even just a good clean up of your environment can help to improve your mood. Sometimes, you just need a change and don’t realize it. Besides, dirty and unkempt environments tend to bring about negative feelings. So, be cautious of that.
  5. Smile: Smiling for no reason at all does something to you. Smiling is positive for the most part. Sometimes, we walk around here with all of our troubles written on our face. Be having a resting bitch face without even being aware of it. Be aware of this and try to smile and show the universe that you want to be happy! Attract happiness with happiness. I know easier said than done, but would you rather walk around putting yourself in a deeper rut? Of course not. Show and demonstrate love.
  6. Fix Relationships: Holding grudges toward someone does not and will not make you feel good. Either you need to forgive someone for hurting you, or you may need to apologize for hurting them. Either way, repairing salvageable relationships is worth it. It’s worth it to have a peaceful heart and mind. It will make you feel much better and take some of the burden of the soured relationship off your back. Even if you do not want the relationship, you can still forgive and apologize, whichever one fits the situation.

I hope these simple steps aid in providing some ideas to help ease those unwanted feelings. We all go through it, so you are not alone. Feel free to add your ideas in the comments, you never know the difference you may make in someone’s life. As always, thank you to all of my supporters. Your time and attention to my blog means the world to me. You are forever appreciated.


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