Only You Control You

We have all had our moments where we may feel unloved, unappreciated, unworthy, or just plain uncertain about our present or future. These feelings are common, but very avoidable. Self- pity and other feelings of negativity can be combated by controlling your thoughts. You tell yourself what to feel about you. No one else has this control, unless you give it to them.

Never give anyone else power over you. Be in control over every aspect of yourself. This includes your thoughts, perceptions, and reactions. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, be in control of yourself. For example, if someone says,”You look bad in that outfit”, it is up to you how you choose to perceive and react to that statement. You may choose to not give it any energy and ignore it. Or, you could choose to respond positively by saying, ” Well, thank you for sharing your opinion.” Or, you could choose to respond negatively. The choice will always be yours.

I will always tell you to choose what best protects your energy and vibrations. Keep your vibrations high and positive. Be cautious of how you perceive things. This is critical. You can choose to look at something negatively, positively, or not at all. Your attention has power- use it wisely.

People that go out of their way to be negative towards you are not happy people. Happy people do not try and bring others down. Misery loves company. So, most of the time when people are down, they don’t want to see others up. Remember that and don’t let them lower your vibrations to their level.

It helps me to turn negative situations into comical ones. Yes, I bring laughter to some of the most negative situations. I tend to always find the comedy. Laughter is so good for the soul, and it keeps you from taking everything so seriously. Life is too short to be sitting somewhere unhappy.

I wanted to let my readers know that they are valuable. You are loved. You are important, and you matter. Every single person and animal on this planet matters. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to do. Live to your fullest potential and be YOU. Don’t be a copy…be the original! We are all special in our own rights, it just needs to be realized. Own your power! Use your power! Be Powerful! You won’t regret it. I promise.

I am trying the journal method where I am writing down my dreams and visions. I will read them everyday and add to it consistently. I am sure it will keep me focused and vibrating at a beneficial frequency. When you get down, try to write down what you want to feel instead. It helps take the focus off of what you don’t want, and on to what you do want. I will let you know how this works for me after I have tried it for a while.

Life is a journey and we are constantly learning. We will make mistakes and fumble, but remember you will always have the power within you to get up. It may not seem like the power is there, but it definitely is. Well, I just wanted to drop some positivity on you all today. As always, I appreciate my readers and their support!! Live your best lives in your genuine form.

Much Regards,


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