Time Vs. Toys

I know as parents that most of us want to provide a life for our children that is easier, or more materially productive than we had in our childhoods. There is nothing wrong with this logic, whatsoever. However, I do think there needs to a perfect balance of time spent with your children, as well.

I grew up in a household as an only child. Both of my parents worked good full time jobs, and they tried to provide me with a comfortable lifestyle. I was not spoiled by any degree, but I had enough. My mother grew up poor, and she liked to give me things to make me happy. It did, but to a certain degree.

I enjoyed playing with my toys, but it was ten times more enjoyable when a parent played with the toys with me. The laughing, bonding, play arguing, and just overall quality time were the most memorable moments. It didn’t matter what the toy, game, or activity was, it was just about the right use of time with the right people that created the best memory.

You can replace a toy, buy a new game, get another pair of shoes, etc., but you cannot get time back. You cannot go back to age 5 with your kids and do it again. Do not try to replace time with material things. Create memories and live life’s journey with your child. Before you know it, they will be adults living their own lives making unguarded decisions.

As parents, show your love and give your child(ren) your valuable time. Teach them wisely and give them knowledge you wish you had at their ages. They will definitely benefit from it, and appreciate you more for it in the long run.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying not to buy your children anything. If you can afford it, do what you want, but establish balance. Don’t let it be buy, buy, buy, but no time, time, time. Remember, you do not have to spend money to spend time with your child(ren). This action can be completely free. Get creative if you get bored!

So, I want to encourage parents to spend more time with your children when you can. Love them, encourage them, and help create loving, confident, and awesome children. These children will become adults, and hopefully lead the world into a more positive direction.



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