My Vegan Transition

I have been vegan for about 3 months now. It was the documentary “What the Health” on Netflix that pushed me over the edge. I was always looking for the “best” diet. The one that made my body feel good and behave properly. I was to the point that if I ate a cookie, I was five pounds heavier by the next day (at least it felt like it)!

I started on the keto diet. It worked fine for me, but I was still not feeling to my full potential.

So, after I watched the documentary with my family, we all agreed to go vegan. We were so excited to take this journey. I wanted to see if being vegan was as beneficial as I had heard. My transition from meat to meatless was not easy. I also had a major cheese addiction.

I was excited to find the many cheese and meat substitutes available. I tried so many, and will blog about the ones that I like best later, but they were helpful in making the change. These substitutes are not equal to each other by any means; therefore, a journey of trial and error commenced. They are also not cheap! Vegan is only cheaper when you are sticking to a whole foods diet while minimizing processed foods.

As my body went through the meat and cheese detox, I was experiencing all sorts of symptoms like: bloating, gas, headaches, constant poops, and some fatigue. This happened for about 2- 3 weeks. I was about to walk away from the entire process!

Then, I started to notice my energy levels rising, I had some weight loss, my anxiety had lessened, and I was just feeling better overall. I was definitely onto something. I started getting deeper into veganism, and went straight to YouTube for ideas and inspiration.

It was YouTube that gave me the gems I needed to conquer the issues I was having with variety. It seemed like I was not getting enough of a variance in my diet with my fruits and vegetables. I was stuck on meat and cheese substitutes with a little veggies on the side. It was not cutting it.

I ended up trying the Naturelo whole food vitamin for women. I also got the Naturelo raw greens powder . This has helped me to incorporate more nutrients into my diet. I also have been using the Unicity Complete Vegan Meal Replacement. I use the raw greens powder and vegan meal replacement interchangeably, but I use neither everyday. These items aid me in my nutritious goals, but I was not done.

I went to YouTube to find more information about making this diet transition. The first YouTuber I found was Rose on the channel Cheap Lazy Vegan. It was her that taught me about tofu, stir frys, and other ways to incorporate a plethora of veggies into my dishes. She also introduced me to kimchi.

I was loving eating my stir frys, bimbimbap, and other Asian dishes that complimented my new friend kimchi. She led me on a path of more variety for sure…thank you kindly for that sweet Rose.

I am currently starting to check out other channels for ideas to expand my vegan menu. It’s so much information out there in regard to vegan eating. I am learning so much. So, when making the transition to veganism, research and knowledge is key.

I use the Nutri Bullet 900 to make fruit and veggie smoothies, and other nutritious blends. They help so much in attaining the proper nutrients.

I make sure to take a B-12 supplement on the regular, as well. I also sprinkle nutritional yeast on some of my food choices for a kick of B-12 and a hint of cheesy like flavor. As of now, I am content with my diet. I still miss the creaminess of ice cream ( seems like dairy-free is not as creamy), but new inventions are coming out all the time. So, hopefully I can get a good bowl of vegan ice cream soon.

Raw veganism is becoming a thing now, and I have looked into it, but I have to do one thing at a time. I am not ready to go fully raw just yet. I am still getting used to regular veganism; but you never know, I might give it a try later on down the line, guys. I will definitely blog about when I do!!

Thank you for supporting my blog! Your time and attention is always appreciated.


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