Hello All,

My name is Klai Niren Pihar.

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter (only child), friend, etc.. I love to have fun and provoke positive thoughts in others. I have a very open mind and enjoy opening a variety of perspectives in my fellow humans. I like to joke and be comical so don’t take everything I post so seriously.

My blogs may sometimes be biased, neutral, offending, and sometimes loving full of inspiration. You never know with me, but I am always open to listen, and I do take the thoughts of others into consideration. I do love to lift the vibrations of others, but there are those instances where I might not rise to that occasion. Forgive me in advance if I offend…not my intentions.

My blogs will contain all sorts of topics and content. I will give my thoughts and opinions with the hopes to inform, entertain, or spark thought. I appreciate anyone using their precious time to read my blogs. Thank you!!

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