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Is Ralph Smart Authentic?

Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters…Diving Deep) has been in my YouTube rotation for the past few weeks now. He has a pretty loyal following, and I was curious about what made him so popular. He shares his viewpoints on spiritual guidance, and provides various techniques on how to achieve self- worth, self- love, and just overall self and spiritual awareness.

I appreciate his efforts in spreading messages of positivity and love. I have ran across other blogs that question his authenticity, which was quite confusing to me. In my opinion, it does not matter if he is “authentic” in his message or not. His realness is quite irrelevant. The important thing is his ability to raise vibrations.

He helps people to acknowledge the power of self. He puts messages out there that are beneficial to us as a population. This man is not preaching hate or division. He is not trying to present himself as a GOD to attract followers. He is simply sharing information that many people can find useful.

If you do not find his information useful, then simply do not watch him. You have the ability to go and find other tools of information that can help you in your purpose. Me personally, I have developed a level of respect for what he is trying to do. Yes, I am sure he is making a healthy income, but what’s wrong with that?

People generate income all the time doing what they love to do. People also make money while deceiving and cheating others in the process. What Mr. Smart is doing is completely innocent in nature. So, I applaud him for his efforts and encourage him to continue spreading knowledge and positivity.

So, in the words of Ralph Smart….Peeeaaaccceee



“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself.”
– Harvey Fierstein

Living in the Now/ You’ve got this!

I have found myself living in the past, living in the future, but hardly living in the now. I would sit and think about past mistakes and what-ifs. Then, if I wasn’t in the past, I was living in the future thinking about what I would love for it to be like. In doing this, I was not present in what was going on my life currently. It was always, things will get better or thankful that the conditions were not worse. This type of thought process is not beneficial.

I see now that my present moment is the most valuable for it’s all you really have. The past is done and the future is not promised. I have also learned to get out of mind and more into my soul and spirit. Thoughts of the mind coming from ego can be very damaging, if not controlled. Controlling it can be difficult. So, please do not beat yourself up when you find that you are having a hard time being in control of your thoughts. I tend to just stop all thoughts to calm the mind and create peace. This helps me so much. I am able to regain control and start my thoughts over from scratch.

It is easy to get lost in your thoughts, rather good or bad. However, if you find that thoughts are causing negative emotions within you, please step away from those, and find a better place in your head to focus on. Actually, taking a deep breath, being more in tuned on your present activity, and finding the good (doesn’t matter or big or small) in the present helps me a lot. It can be something as simple as appreciating the breath going in and out of your lungs. Life itself is a beautiful gift, and being thankful for your own existence is a powerful way to show gratitude.

Living in the now and appreciating every moment can be a delightful experience. I have stopped focusing on petty and frivolous things. I am in the current process of reprogramming my perspective away from social and societal norms, and concentrating more on what serves me as an individual. This includes being more open minded and understanding that it is okay if I am not where I want to be life- just yet. It is okay if I fall. We are all in a constant cycle of living and learning. You can only live for you, and we are all different with various needs, wants, goals, and ideas. Just because someone might have a strong opinion on how you should live your life, doesn’t mean their OPINIONS are concrete. Most of the time, those are the ones that are living in a silent hell within themselves. This is not your business. You are your business. How you impact others is your business. Living up to your fullest potential is your business. NOT what others think of you. You will not be able to meet everyone’s standards and expectations. Therefore, set your own standards and expectations for yourself and stand on it with conviction.

Rando Thoughts

Hello, All. I know it’s been a while. I guess you can attribute it to a case of writer’s block. It has been a lot going on lately in the world. Some good some bad. I have been having my own high and low moments, but the majority has been mostly good. I am grateful for it all. You can’t really truly appreciate the good without the bad. So, I try my best to look forward to the positive while going through the negative.

I have new opportunities coming up, and I am pretty excited for that. I graduate with my MBA in 2020. It has been a struggle and I have no idea why I chose a major with so much Math. It has been one of my weakest subjects since high school. I just completed Corporate Finance and I was ready to walk away from the entire program, during that class. I try to be an inspiration to people, but sometimes I need the inspiration.

What do you guys think about the Trump’s impeachment ordeal? I am not very political, so I haven’t been following it much. I have gotten to the point that I want things to get better for people overall, I don’t care who’s in office. Just get someone in there that has our best interest at heart. I want to see less division and more unity. It seems like people only unify during tragedies, when we can unify during good and bad times. I don’t know, sometimes I think it’s just wishful thinking on my part. Regardless, I will never give up hope for a better existence now and in the future.

I have enjoyed reading some of the work from other bloggers. I have been able to find some great content that I could really relate to. So, I say to my fellow bloggers to keep up the great work, and continue to be your beautiful creative selves.

Thanks for reading! As always, I appreciate your support.


Social Media Sissies

Why do people act like other people aren’t supposed to speak their opinions on social media? You must be crazy if you think everyone is going to agree. People that can’t take being disagreed with need to go hide under a shopping mall. If you don’t like what somewhat said, so the F*** what. Your disapproval does not matter. Truth be told your facts might not be someone else’s facts. We all have different perspectives and you will not understand them all. However, just because you disagree or don’t understand doesn’t mean you have the right to name call, demean, or turn into this internet thug like you can jump through the screen and execute your threats. It’s a waste of time and energy. If you don’t agree or understand, a simple scroll on by would suffice. Maybe a question or two. Or, respectfully speaking your ideology is ideal. I guess that’s too much like human behavior, so it’s out of the question. Just a quick vent…carry on.


Living Undocumented

I watched the Netflix documentary “Living Undocumented”, and I was deeply touched by the various stories. Living in Texas, I see and hear stories like the ones I saw in the documentary all the time. So, this leads me to ask the questions, Who purchased the Earth? Who was it purchased from, and how much did it cost? Why does anyone feel like they have the right to tell people where they can and cannot go? I feel like people should be able to freely explore this planet, as it was given to all of us. There is no way it should be this much division.

Imaginary borders created by man and the fake value of money has become literally insane. Using criminals as an excuse to put borders up is crazy to me. Criminals are everywhere, you will not be able to avoid them regardless of what you put up. You either keeping some out, or keeping the ones we got in. What really gets to me is how human beings are being treated when they are captured. Let that sink in…captured for trying to live a better life. People our fellow human sisters and brothers are having to sneak, risk dying, and other negative fates just to live. I need someone to make this make sense.

I feel like people have become selfish. All I hear is, “We need to worry about ourselves.” “What about the people in our country?” “Americans need to focus on Americans.” Like what, are you serious? A human can’t be helped because of where they happened to be born on the planet??? What if it was you? What if you were the one that needed assistance? We live in a world of infinite possibilities, and guess what? It could be you!! If something happened and we had to flee America, you would be singing a different tune. People get too comfortable and take advantage of the way things are, and the truth is, it could change at any second. So, keep that in mind before you judge and ridicule your fellow Earthly brothers and sisters. It’s quite disgusting how selfish people have gotten, and how controlling they are over something that technically doesn’t belong to them.

I keep hearing that we need borders to keep the bad people out, and to make people go through the process of becoming legal, but that goes back to my original questions in the first paragraph. How can other humans make this decision for other human beings? I think that’s giving people too much control over other people. We are all LEGAL citizens of this planet. Laws should be in place to provide protection from harm, but the laws these days go into almost all aspects of our lives.

For example, it’s illegal in some places to smoke a plant. If I choose to light up a plant for personal use to expose my lungs, how is this hurting anyone? If I choose to drive with my seat belt off then that’s my dumb ass. I don’t need a ticket for it. Making laws about this frivolous little stuff is just a waste of time and a way for the government to profit. Drinking and driving..yes I could hurt someone. So, there should be consequences. To me, most of this stuff is about compensation. Break the laws- you gotta pay in either time or money, but you are going to be paying with something. It’s just that some of the laws created are not for our best benefit.

No one on this planet should have to be confined to an area. I am tired of people trying to run other people’s lives. People that hurt others and have ill intent will meet their fate, but there are too many innocent people being hurt, mentally and emotionally scarred, or killed behind wanting better.

We have to do better as a whole. If we unified against the bullshit we could see real change. In a perfect world, we would have and show consideration for each other, be empathetic, and understand that we are all one. Regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, or whatever we are human beings first. We all have a common goal of living life. Why do some of us make it harder for others, instead of helping them achieve the best experience? Crazy right? Yeah…we gotta do better.

As Always, I appreciate my readers taking the time to read my blog of thoughts. I know your time is valuable. So, thank you for letting me have a few moments of it.

– Klai

Getting Rid of Unwanted Feelings

We all get in our little ruts and feel a little down sometimes. It is apart of life that we must learn how to cope with. We are not going to feel total happiness all the time, but there are ways to make yourself feel better, during those times. You can also bring yourself out of those bad vibes completely. Here are some ideas to help with those times:

  1. Treat yourself. Doing little things for yourself can make you feel a lot better. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It can actually be free, depending on what you decide. For example, Ladies you can get a mani & pedi, get a new look at the salon, or do it yourself at home! Go to the library and check out your favorite genre of book, take a nice relaxing walk and reflect on happier moments, or fantasize about moments you would like to happen. Men, you can do this stuff, too. No gender discrimination here. The goal is to make yourself the priority, and give yourself the attention and love you deserve. Do something that YOU enjoy!
  2. Do Unto Others What You Want Done to Yourself: I know the Golden Rule, right? Well, it works! I have found that being what I need in someone else’s life does wonders. If I need a hug, I give one. If I need a listening ear…I am that for someone else. When I can lend a helping hand, it makes me feel better. I feel good doing nice things for others. So, this helps to lift me out of downward moods.
  3. Socialize: This may not be for everyone, but being around the RIGHT people can help to put you in a better mood. In this case, you want people that bring the better parts out of you out. NOT DRAINERS! Some people will drag you down instead of lifting you up. Beware of that. Be cautious of how your energy and vibes shift when certain people are around. This is important.
  4. Change Your Surroundings: If I am sitting at home in my feelings, I will look around the room to see what needs to be changed. I might move a couch, or rearrange the room altogether. New decor or even just a good clean up of your environment can help to improve your mood. Sometimes, you just need a change and don’t realize it. Besides, dirty and unkempt environments tend to bring about negative feelings. So, be cautious of that.
  5. Smile: Smiling for no reason at all does something to you. Smiling is positive for the most part. Sometimes, we walk around here with all of our troubles written on our face. Be having a resting bitch face without even being aware of it. Be aware of this and try to smile and show the universe that you want to be happy! Attract happiness with happiness. I know easier said than done, but would you rather walk around putting yourself in a deeper rut? Of course not. Show and demonstrate love.
  6. Fix Relationships: Holding grudges toward someone does not and will not make you feel good. Either you need to forgive someone for hurting you, or you may need to apologize for hurting them. Either way, repairing salvageable relationships is worth it. It’s worth it to have a peaceful heart and mind. It will make you feel much better and take some of the burden of the soured relationship off your back. Even if you do not want the relationship, you can still forgive and apologize, whichever one fits the situation.

I hope these simple steps aid in providing some ideas to help ease those unwanted feelings. We all go through it, so you are not alone. Feel free to add your ideas in the comments, you never know the difference you may make in someone’s life. As always, thank you to all of my supporters. Your time and attention to my blog means the world to me. You are forever appreciated.


Only You Control You

We have all had our moments where we may feel unloved, unappreciated, unworthy, or just plain uncertain about our present or future. These feelings are common, but very avoidable. Self- pity and other feelings of negativity can be combated by controlling your thoughts. You tell yourself what to feel about you. No one else has this control, unless you give it to them.

Never give anyone else power over you. Be in control over every aspect of yourself. This includes your thoughts, perceptions, and reactions. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, be in control of yourself. For example, if someone says,”You look bad in that outfit”, it is up to you how you choose to perceive and react to that statement. You may choose to not give it any energy and ignore it. Or, you could choose to respond positively by saying, ” Well, thank you for sharing your opinion.” Or, you could choose to respond negatively. The choice will always be yours.

I will always tell you to choose what best protects your energy and vibrations. Keep your vibrations high and positive. Be cautious of how you perceive things. This is critical. You can choose to look at something negatively, positively, or not at all. Your attention has power- use it wisely.

People that go out of their way to be negative towards you are not happy people. Happy people do not try and bring others down. Misery loves company. So, most of the time when people are down, they don’t want to see others up. Remember that and don’t let them lower your vibrations to their level.

It helps me to turn negative situations into comical ones. Yes, I bring laughter to some of the most negative situations. I tend to always find the comedy. Laughter is so good for the soul, and it keeps you from taking everything so seriously. Life is too short to be sitting somewhere unhappy.

I wanted to let my readers know that they are valuable. You are loved. You are important, and you matter. Every single person and animal on this planet matters. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to do. Live to your fullest potential and be YOU. Don’t be a copy…be the original! We are all special in our own rights, it just needs to be realized. Own your power! Use your power! Be Powerful! You won’t regret it. I promise.

I am trying the journal method where I am writing down my dreams and visions. I will read them everyday and add to it consistently. I am sure it will keep me focused and vibrating at a beneficial frequency. When you get down, try to write down what you want to feel instead. It helps take the focus off of what you don’t want, and on to what you do want. I will let you know how this works for me after I have tried it for a while.

Life is a journey and we are constantly learning. We will make mistakes and fumble, but remember you will always have the power within you to get up. It may not seem like the power is there, but it definitely is. Well, I just wanted to drop some positivity on you all today. As always, I appreciate my readers and their support!! Live your best lives in your genuine form.

Much Regards,


Releasing Negativity

Controlling your thoughts can be a challenging ordeal at times. Sometimes, it can be like a war trying to let the positive prevail in your head. When I notice a pattern of negativity in my mind, I look at everything in my presence- at that moment, that I am grateful for. I get very detailed with it. I become thankful for the chair I am sitting in, my car waiting for me outside, the air I am breathing, my arms, legs, etc..

I block out everything else, and sometimes I have to clear my mind altogether and take deep relaxing breaths. Meditation works wonders, and so does nightly subliminal affirmations, and meditation tones. It even helps for me to smile for no reason at all. I might even call a friend or family member just to say hi. I will also try to uplift someone that may be having a hard day like myself. This may sound crazy, but listening to others that are having worse days than mine makes me feel thankful for my smaller issues. It also makes me feel good knowing that, I am being to someone- what I want for myself.

So, I might become a listening ear, or give a friend some money knowing she/he needs a little financial help- without them asking. Just being an overall good person helps to release negative energy.

I have many genres of books that aid in clearing negativity. After a good bath or shower, I create a cozy mood, and choose the book that best fits the vibe I want to create. Books can be a great distraction from negativity. Another method that helps me release negativity is positive information.

This is where my motivational speakers come in like Neale Donald Walsch, Ralph Smart, Eric Ho, Lisa Nichols, and many others. I listen to them on YouTube, or read their content to get the tools I need to pull myself out of the rut that is causing the negative vibe. Sometimes, you just need to pull away from certain people!

I can honestly say it is not easy staying positive when there is so much negativity. This is why I limit my news watching to the weather, I cut out media that takes me to a negative place. My social media accounts are designed to give me good news when I log in. Or, to where I see something funny that will make me laugh. My friend’s list and followers are people that are positive.

I will unfriend or block someone that is consistently negative. I do not want to see the same problems from the same person over and over. I do not want to see anything constantly negative period. I have to protect my energy at all cost. Now, don’t get me wrong, if I can lend a helping hand and help someone lift their vibrations and positivity- I do. However, you cannot help everybody. If someone is not ready to leave their negative state of mind, they won’t. They will stay there until they are ready for a change, which is not your problem or your business.

I have learned that you have to live for you. They have to live for them. If u can help them then help, but if not don’t stress out behind it. Continue to live your life and try to create as many happy and fun memories as possible. People will drag you down, if you let them! So, protect your energy, secure your peace of mind, give plenty of love, get plenty of love, and live your best life.

Thanks for Reading and Supporting my Blog!

Much Regards,